Create In Me

Cre8’d with the family in mind. Family is the driving force behind everything we do. Allow us to work with your child while working for your whole family.


The auto pilot mind frame doesn’t just affect us parents; more and more children are feeling pressured to conform to the ways of the world around them. This pressure often reveals itself as anxiousness, lack of confidence, fear, poor choices, and lack of identity. Cre8 N Me was birthed with families in mind. Through our program, kids will gain confidence in their choices and learn to embrace their identity in Christ.


Feeling supported is crucial in parenting and mental health. Whether you’re a single parent or you co-parent, we know that communicating that need for support and balancing guiding your child at the same time can be exhausting! You may find yourself tapping out often due to that lack of support. Partner with us to gain clarity behind the “why” to your calling as a parent. Contact us today to discuss your parenting needs.


Mentoring services are available for teen parents. We partner with teen parents to provide extra support through the parenting process. This service is available throughout and after pregnancy process. Limited spots available. Schedule a consultation to determine if this service is right for you!