Christian. Wife. Mother. Counselor.

Being a mom, wife, and full-time employee I often found myself overwhelmed. I was struggling to figure out how to be me and a Christian in the midst of my many roles.  There were tough choices: my feelings, my needs, my rights, and God’s way. I ended up at this cross road many times; trying to find clarity on the right thing to do, the right way, and the right decision.  I knew God’s way was ultimately right but I wanted that to fuse with my feelings and the way I thought I should be treated.  I wanted to tailor my walk with my way.  I wanted to be in charge. 

I needed to lean in on who God is and who I was in Him. I needed a heart change. I began to focus on having my needs met by Christ while depending on him. I was then able to refine my relationships and exude strength in His grace when needed.

Whether you’re in need of individual growth, clarity in life, or someone to walk with you as you navigate relationships, I can help! Join me for therapy in the comfort of your own home via a secure telehealth platform.