Hi I’m Nicole Nichols, licensed professional counselor and supervisor. I’m dedicated to helping you find balance and clarity as you navigate life.  Life can be tough; tougher than tough. That’s why I’m here to assist you in gaining a sense empowerment in your daily roles.  The goal of  NBN is to empower the family unit and cultivate fulfillment in the lives we serve.

Balancing roles of the home and the outside world can be challenging.  Add on the weight of feeling depressed and anxious and you can find yourself feeling stuck with lack of clarity how to move forward.  Let me partner with you as you navigate life.  My work’s purpose is to enhance and enrich the family system while providing an increase of emotional safety, comfort, and peace within your home. 

Creating goals for therapy is an important part of arriving to your desired life destination. In addition to those goals we will focus on identifying root disturbances, learning to accept rest as a healthy part of mental wellness, actively processing difficult feelings, clarity of core beliefs, building courage to process difficult feelings, and finding comfort in being vulnerable. 


There are so many great character traits I would use to describe working with Nicole but the one that sticks out the most is peacefulness. Every time we speak, she exudes a spirit of peacefulness even in the midst of my anxiety and confusion. – A. Smith

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